Angels is unique among the Megacities in that it is controlled by a single corporation. The Keystone Tower is a monument to this corporation, a construct of steel and iron over two city blocks wide jutting skyward. It is the only structure in Angels that pierces the permanent cloud cover that coats the MegaCity in perpetual rain. The city itself spreads out much further than Boston’s previous limits, but retains its predecessor’s crescent shape. The city’s architecture seems frozen at the turn of the century. Gargoyles dot its buildings’ heights, drenching the streets below. The city seems forged of steel and concrete, with occasional highlights of granite peeking out as though trying to brighten the otherwise drearily angular construction. Wherever people gather, the streets are suffused with the unearthly glow of neon lights.

The further one goes from the central tower, the more one finds traces of the original disaster that leveled Boston. The docks in particular remain flooded, people living out of what once were third-story apartments, and near the outer edges of the city are half-built structures, the remnants of structures crushed or toppled by violent winds or gradually beaten down first by the permanent rainfall and eventually by the mold and ruin that flourished in its wake.

Peculiarities of Angels:
Guns Ain’t Welcome Here
Keep the Church at Home
Keystone Owns Everything
Safety in Numbers
Something’s With the Sewers
EyeShot Marketing Group

Events surrounding Angels:
Destruction of Boston
Rise of Keystone
Shadowcrash in Angels
Shadowfall in Angels

Factions in Angels:
The Gangs
Keystone Cops

Districts of Angels:
The Maze
The Strip
The Waterfront (previously Financial)
The Firehouse (previously Downtown Crossing)
The Cell-Block
The Fields

Important Locations of Angels:
The Zone
Keystone Tower
Arcadia University
All Souls General Hospital
Acme Amusement Park
The Gauntlet
South Station

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