Divine Rituals

Divine Rituals are specific uses of divine power either created by research, found in ancient tomes, traded between gods, or looted in divine combat.

General Rituals:
These rituals are available to all gods who take the time to look.
Ritual of the Avatar
Ritual of Battleform
Ritual of Aggression
Ritual of Protection
Ritual of Consecration
Ritual of Creation
Ritual of the Servant
Ritual of the Weathered Storm
Ritual of the Core Specials

Specific Rituals:
These rituals were created by specific entities and are usually difficult to find or impossible to use for other gods.
Ritual of Power Channel
Ritual of See Forced Link
Feel the Divine Field
Divine Research Ritual
Populace Research Ritual
Populace Iron Will
Ritual of Sundered Faith
Ritual of the Hidden Shield


Divine Rituals

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