The High Sylvan Court

The High Sylvan Court is perhaps the most recent of the Powers; the varied Courts of the Fey have traditionally been at odds for too long to work together towards any particular end. Shortly after the destruction of Brisilica, however, a power structure apart from the usual struggles of the Courts emerged. While the individual Courts still war against each other, in times of crisis the High Sylvan Court may be called, at which point a ceasefire is called and the Courts, under the temporary war leadership of the Wild Hunt, go to war.

Generally, this state doesn’t last very long; the Wild Hunt’s leadership tends to flounder after whatever enemy the High Court was called to deal with has been destroyed, but this has made the Courts somewhat more of a potent force in the multiverse than they had previously been.

It is perhaps worth noting that the Fey, as a Created race, tend to be looked down upon by older beings, especially Dragons, Demons, and Celestials – but even they have found reason to pause in the wake of this new development. Something or someone is granting the Courts more power as a group than their aggregate individual power should imply.


The High Sylvan Court

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