The latest incarnation of the Tokyo megacity is located in the clouds above the slowly healing ruins of the city of the same name. It is a paradise of progress, a place where all shadow disciplines are merged in the name of progress and efficiency.

The city itself is composed of 23 districts, floating island cities, each a shadowed reflection of one of the 23 districts of mundane Tokyo. The primary connection between the districts is a network of bullet trains, although a multitude of other methods of transportation exist.

Tokyo is an odd contradiction. As a sort of shadowed mirror of mundane Tokyo, it is a bustling city of progress, efficiency, and innovation. However, at the same time, it has been a sort of repository and retreat for the more ancient and traditional myth; where Ainu shamans and Buddhist priests both ply their trade amongst the bustle of the city, perhaps commuting to work on the bullet trains alongside a lesser kami, or a host of office workers.

Now, in the year 2062, the shadow has spread to the lower city as well, and the two cities have become polarized. Sky Tokyo (also called Upper Tokyo, or Imperial Tokyo) has become more of a place of magic and history, and the power of the Government and the Imperial House has concentrated itself here. Normal Tokyo (also called Lower Tokyo, or Corporate Tokyo), has become more of a place of technology and business, and the Corporations hold great sway within it. The Yakuza, as always, are sprinkled in and amongst both corporate offices, and the halls of government.

The Balance of Power
There are 3 main factions in Tokyo: The Government, The Corporations, and The Yakuza. These factions exist in a tenuous balance of power as the compete among (and within) themselves for power, while being held in check by the Imperial House.
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The Districts

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