Rise of Keystone

After Boston’s destruction in the late 1930s, a number of companies bid for government funding to rebuild it as part of the Public Works project. One company bid far lower than all others, and its promises of development eclipsed their offers. With Roosevelt’s blessing, the relatively unknown corporation Keystone took charge of Boston’s reconstruction. At first, Keystone seemed to have failed spectacularly, construction rights and progress meeting with problem after problem until at last the funding fell through and the area was declared a national disaster area.

Boston was cordoned off and forgotten, but Keystone’s work had in truth only just begun.

From the ashes of Boston a new name had been planted onto the lips of Shadowed citizens of the world. The city of Angels had risen, and at its core the lofty spires of the Keystone building stood unchallenged.

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Rise of Keystone

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